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We’ve categorized our uses for Connect 365 into three different categories:

Client Attraction & Lead Generation – This is the most popular (and profitable) use for Connect 365 as it allows you to utilize warm email tactics to reach out to prospects who you’d most like to do business with.

Here are a few ways we’ve been using Connect 365 to get new clients at LinkedSelling:

  • Follow up with anyone who did not reply to our outreach during LinkedIn messaging campaigns to book appointments (both internally and for agency clients)
  • Follow up with all webinar attendees to discuss our LinkedSelling Agency service or LinkedSelling Mastery 
  • Sending personal emails to our most engaged audience during a product launch to book a call with a member of our sales/support staff
  • Nurture leads who are a good fit for our high-end coaching (LS Mastery) or done-for-you services (LinkedSelling Agency) 
  • Outbound lead generation for lists of prospects who fit our client avatar through list building

Client & Customer Engagement – While getting new clients is at the top of the totem pole, a close second is client communication. Using Connect 365 to send personal updates to your client roster will help you create brand ambassadors, improve client trust, and get more client referrals.

Here’s a handful of examples of how we are using Connect 365 to engage our clients with our brand:

  • Send company updates to clients 
  • Reminders to our training & coaching program clients regarding upcoming program deadlines & announcements
  • Follow up with Ascend 2017 registrants to confirm lodging and that they are still planning on attending
  • Updates and announcements to Ascend 2017 registrants for our Bring-A-Friend contest 
  • Updates to our book launch ambassadors during the release of the 2nd Edition of Booked

Administrative & Joint Venture Partnership Communication – While clients always come first, they aren’t the only group that deserves a personal touch and ongoing communication. If you have an affiliate program or are planning an affiliate launch or promotion, you’ll need to be able to provide updates to your Joint Venture partners as well.

Here’s how we are using Connect 365 in our affiliate program:

  • Outreach to new Joint Venture Partners to discuss potential partner promotions
  • Communications with our JV partners during a new product launch with updates, sales information, and affiliate statistics
  • Updates on new or modified offers as they relate to our affiliate program

The use cases here are essentially endless. The list above is just the first uses that come to mind, but it’s really just scratching the surface.

Yes, you can use Connect 365 even if you don't use Gmail.

There's  a small workaround to get it set up, and we have step by step videos to walk you through it.  

The process is quick and easy:  you simply set up a free Gmail address, and adjust the settings so the emails will forward to your current email provider. There are no additional costs associated with this and you still get all the benefits (and ROI!) of Connect 365.

You can take it one step further and have this tied to a custom domain as well, and we have tutorials on how to set that up too.

And our team will be here to support you in the setup as needed.

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