Give Clients What They Want 

The fastest-growing businesses out there understand a few things about their prospects -

They know what their prospects want and they give it to them!

It’s not always so easy though. First of all, who are your best prospects? Are you making offers to the right people? Or are you continually getting stuck in long sales cycles… just for them to go with someone else…

OR are you continually working with prospects who haggle on price and don’t really trust you to do the job? 

The WRONG prospects are not only a headache to work with, they’re also costly for your business.

Keep reading to learn how we dial in on the RIGHT prospects to work with, how we find them, and how to know exactly what they’re looking for (so they buy over and over again, and they refer you to their friends).

Step 1: Choose Your Prospects

Everything in your marketing needs to reflect that you understand who your prospects are and what they REALLY want. The true outcome that they are looking for. This is the only way to stand out. Especially in crowded industries.  

First, you need to know WHO your prospects are. I’m gonna borrow an idea from Michael Port, author of “Book Yourself Solid”...

He talks about the “Red Velvet Rope” policy. Just like an exclusive club only lets in certain people, you should be the same for your business. 


You do your best work when you like who you’re working with. When you KNOW you can get them great results. When you feel properly compensated. 

You can, of course, work with a wide range of people. For example - every business needs marketing services of some sort. So everyone would be your prospect right?

Yes and no! You can go after anyone, but if you focus on the kinds of people you work best with and you get the best results for, you will soon find that your productivity increases and you’ll have plenty of referrals. 

How to choose? Write out a list that looks at various aspects of your ideal clients -

In other words, go ahead and create an ideal prospect profile.

Write out demographics like job title, company, industry, but also personal traits like age, interests, and possibly even characteristics and values!

When you share values, it’s easier to grow trust - and therefore to do business with people.

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Step 2: How to Know What They Want

Before we dive into this… why would it be important to know what someone wants? 

Because you need to be able to connect with them at every level of the sales process - and even after the sales process. In order to sell them, and keep them, you need to know what they want. This should be clear in your marketing and in all your communication with them. They should feel that you “get them”.

So how do we do this?

It might seem obvious. If you want to know what someone wants, just ask them, right?

It’s not always so easy though… especially when oftentimes your prospects don’t even know what they want. Many times they just know that they have a problem that needs fixing.

Let me start by saying that your prospects don’t want a list of your product’s features and benefits.

Here’s an example of why you should avoid focusing so much on how your process works, or on the special features of your product…

Consider an Insurance Agent...who technically provides you with an insurance policy. You may think you want an insurance policy but you don’t actually want that and you don’t care about all the fine print. 

Stick with me here. What you actually want is this:

You want to know that you will be taken care of if something bad happens. That your life won’t be forever altered if a storm puts a hole in your roof. That you won’t be shit out of luck if you get into a car accident. You want comfort. Not insurance.  

So skip the heavy lists of features and benefits… especially at first. Your prospect doesn’t need to know how insurance works in order to get what they actually want… peace of mind.

I’ll give you a tip to get to the real reason: ask WHY. 

To really get to know your prospects, you need to understand what motivates them at a deep level. Keep asking why until you get there…

“Why do you want insurance?” - To be protected in case of emergency.

“Why do you want protection?” - Because I can’t control everything and don’t want to leave my family with nothing. 

You see where this is going… 

You want peace of mind. Comfort. 

You can do this for any industry and any product. 

Step 3: Connect With Your Prospects

Finally, once you can identify who you want to work with and some primary motivating factors that will drive their decisions (along with what will help them get to the decision-making point), you want to connect with them and start a conversation. 

This is where they actually become leads… when they raise their hand to talk to you about solving their problems.

What’s the best way to connect with them? You’re in luck because we’ve got this down to a science…

Your Turn

There’s so much more I want to tell you about the importance of finding the RIGHT leads and knowing how to really connect with them by knowing what they actually want AND how to communicate that to them so they’ll get on a call with you and buy your product or service.

My team and I are hosting a lead generation workshop and if you want to know how to get BETTER clients consistently, you need to be there!

We’ll show you how to identify your very best prospects...so you can get right to the very best leads. We’ve been doing this and teaching these methods to small business owners and entrepreneurs for over a decade now - and it works!

Need more sales opportunities? 

Learn how to get sales discovery calls with your best prospects on my upcoming Lead Generation Workshop

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