Recording From This Week’s Email Marketing Workshop:

“Groundbreaking Lead Gen System: How To Leverage Automated Warm Email Strategies to book More Sales Appointments, Close More Deals, & Land More Clients.

...Including how to put the system on autopilot so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Replay comes down on Friday, August 18 at Midnight PST

Looking for a better way to reach your
most valuable prospects?


Since you registered for this workshop,I'm assuming you said yes to the questions above.

That means that you're serious about using warm email strategies in your marketing efforts...which is a smart move.

But sending out personal emails to your prospects involves a LOT of work...and it doesn't really stop.

The work is worth every second you spend on it...but wouldn't it be nice if you could take away 90% of the grunt work and only focus on the important stuff, like crafting the right messages?

Does the idea of "automating" the hard stuff withwarm email...WITHOUT losing the power of personalized email... intrigue you at all?

My team and I have been working on an automated solution to solve this problem over the last year that's going to blow your mind.

It's called Connect 365 and we believe that it's going to change the way you think about email.

But before I share too much, I wanted to note that this is still a "secret" that we haven't realized to the general public yet.

In fact, this guide is the first time we've even mentioned it to our own community.

Here's the deal:

Connect 365 is an email tool that
connects in directly with Gmail's api
(don't worry you do not need Gmail to use it)
to send personal emails in bulk to
your best prospects.

Your emails will have the personal touch.


No unsubscribe button...

No "sent via >>insert email service provider<<" mumbo jumbo...

No getting stuck in the promotions tab...

No wondering if your emails are getting opened...

And most importantly no complicated tech to learn on the fly while you try to run your business.

Only a simple to use software solution that allows you to send emails to your top prospects in a way that looks EXACTLY like you manually typed and sent the message directly to them. But the trick is that it can send them in bulk to tons of prospects all at once, without you doing much of anything.

And the best news is that we are accepting
Charter Members for our private Beta Release.

In exchange for being grandfathered in at the lowest price we will ever offer, all we want is your feedback.

To work WITH us to make the best email tool
this world has ever seen.

If you are ready to take this journey with my team and I...

And become a Charter Member of Connect 365....

Looking to expedite the process?

If so, I want to introduce you to LinkedSelling's new groundbreaking automation technology :

Connect 365: Our Proprietary, Simple-to-Use Warm Email Software Solution that Allows You to Send Emails to Your Top Prospects In Automated Batches With Just a Click of a Button...

...In a Way that Looks EXACTLY Like You Manually Typed and Sent the Message Directly to Them.

If You Want to See Exactly How Connect 365 Works Click The Link Below For
All the Details

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