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Simple. Personal. Opened.

Send Automated Follow-Up And Outreach Emails to Prospects In Bulk... That Look Exactly Like You Manually Typed Every Single One

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    Automate Prospect Outreach
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    Automate Sales Follow Up
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    Nurture Warm Leads
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    Book More Appointments
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    Attract New JV Partners
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    Increase Webinar Attendance
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    Improve Client Communication
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    Automate Collections Process

Raise your hand if you want to...

Close more

high-end clients

Get in front of

new prospects

Automate 90% of

the work involved...


(without losing the personal touch

that makes it all work.)

The Power Of "Warm Email"

Typical email automation software gives your sales follow-ups only about a 14% chance of being read at all - and it’s because your prospect can tell it’s obviously an automated email and their defenses go up...

To Build Earnest Relationships And Trust With Your Top Prospects Your Outreach & Follow Needs to Look & Feel PERSONAL.

Email outreach has gotten cold. Prospects are no longer fine with being treated like cattle. They need that personal touch.

We’ve been developing a brand new way of utilizing email to generate leads and clients QUICKLY using what we call “Warm Email.”

So, how do we define “Warm Email?”

Let's dive into it.


Warm Email (n)

A woefully underutilized email messaging solution that offers a more personal, intimate experience to the recipient that cuts through the noise of the modern email inbox and stands out in a sea of “marketing” and “advertising” emails that your prospects receive on a daily basis.

We call it Warm Email because the Connect 365 software is integrated directly into Gmail (don’t worry… you don’t have to already use Gmail for this to work) to send messages in bulk, up to 1500 contacts per day, that look exactly like you typed up personal emails - one at a time.

In a world full of cold marketing automation, a personal email is going to stand out.

An email that stands out gets opened. An email that gets opened gets read. And an email that gets read is an email that will drive action from your prospects. 

If you want to close up to 10 or more high-end clients per month, get in front of dozens of ideal prospects every single day, or if you want to stop over complicating your business growth... then you need focus on being more personal, and more trusting than your competitors. 

Today's skeptical market requires it. 


So far with this training and system, I landed 65 solid connections, and the quality of leads is so much better.

People are already asking what I’m seling and I haven’t sent a message campaign out yet. 5 connections approached me on my product already. I market an education and e-commerce product that is in high demand.

-troy hollenbeck

So Here's The

Bottom Line With Connect 365:

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    You get monthly access to our Connect 365 warm email automating tool.
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    You also get immediate access to a special members-only training portal specifically designed to help you accelerate your results, and give you all the instruction you need.
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    In other words, even if using email to generate leads and close deals is new to you...we’ll walk you through everything from step 1. You’ll be surprised at how simple and seamless it really is..
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    This training portal is updated regularly for the latest tactics and strategies, and you'll get cutting edge support on top of everything.


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    Upload A List of Your Best Prospects

To import your prospects into Connect 365 for your Warm Email campaigns, all you have to do is upload a simple .csv file, aka a spreadsheet, with their name and email. This can be from your LinkedIn Connections, a list of hot prospects from your CRM, or even just a list of people you met at an event.

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    Segment Contacts Into Groups Using Tags

You then be able to segment and label your prospects into different groups using “tags”, so that you know exactly where they came from and what campaigns they should be entered in. This way, you’ll be able to customize your message for each segment of your prospects in a way that will resonate with them.

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    Create Personal, Warm Email Sequences With the Connect 365 Campaign Builder

Here’s where the magic happens. Here’s where you design your warm email campaigns for prospect outreach, sales follow-up, client communication, JV recruitment, activity reminders for your webinars, etc. It’s a simple to use email interface that is designed to get your campaigns up and running as quickly as possible.

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    Automate All Follow Up Messages Based On Specific Dates Or Delay Timers

Inside of the campaign builder, you will be able to schedule your emails based on specific dates you want them to go out OR on simple delay timers that send emails out at timed intervals. That could once every two days, once a week, whatever you’d like. Your best prospects will then receive a personal email from you EXACTLY when you want them to receive it.

  • mail-reply
    Set Automatic Replies and Unsubscribe Requests Based On Action Triggers

You can even automate replies so that your prospects never have to wait too long for a response from you or your team. And since your Warm Email campaigns are sent out as personal emails, there is no unsubscribe button. But if you do want to give your prospects the option to unsubscribe, you can also set that up based on different action triggers.

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    Optimize Your Campaigns Using Detailed Analytics

Which campaign is getting the best open rates? What about reply rates? You will never be in the dark again when it comes to how your email is performing. You’ll be able to quickly filter and analyze your email metrics so that you can closely monitor and quickly optimize your Warm Email campaigns.

Just like hammer has no use without nails,

no software solution can generate business

without sound strategies in place.

So as a Connect 365 Member 
you’ll also get unlimited access to the...

This is a comprehensive archive of our best Warm Email strategies that we have used both internally and for our clients at LinkedSelling.

This growing library currently includes...

How to Launch A 7-Figure Product With Our Connect 365 Software & Systems
Follow the plan we used to build a hugely successful launch of Linked University, and you, too can generate 10k in sales in your first month!* (see disclaimer at the bottom)
The Social Media Email Boomerang Plan
How to take a LinkedInTM relationship to email and generate more sales qualified leads and opportunities.
The LinkedSelling Automated Sales Follow Up Sequence
Most deals happen in the follow-up phase…but most salespeople quit after 1 or 2 messages. We’ll share our top 3 sales follow-up email templates to not allow any sales opportunities to slip through the cracks.
How to Leverage Connect 365 to Build Media Relationships For PR Opportunities
Connect 365 can do much more than reach out to sales prospects. In this training we’ll share our secrets for reaching out media outlets to develop relationships with high profile publications, podcasts, and influencers to get your business featured to their audience.
Advanced Script Writing Techniques & Best Practices
Warm Email is, by nature, more personal and nuanced that your email blast marketing efforts. We’ll set you and your team up with everything you need to know to craft the perfect message that not only gets opened, but also inspires action.
The Difference Between Connect 365 and Bulk Marketing Automation Software (Mailchimp, ConstantContact, etc)

In the following post we are going to examine what separates marketing automation email software (like Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, ConstantContact) from Connect 365.

We’ll dive into the features, but most importantly the use cases for each so you can have a better understanding of the types of campaigns and results you can generate.

Marketing Automation Email Software

What’s the elevator pitch?

Some of the more recognized marketing automation brands include Mailchimp, ConstantContact and Keap (InfusionSoft).

All of those companies include different features options from Marketing Automation to CRM capabilities to eCommerce functionality.

But the core function behind all of them is the Email Marketing Automation function.

All of these will require your messages be sent to optins (people that have specifically requested to join your mailing list or download your content/register for your webinar/etc.).

These tools can send LARGE batches of messages to your email list and are not sent through your main email server directly.

This results in a different delivery obviously, but also a different format than a regular email you would login and send to a contact if you sent it manually.

These don't feel personal or individual to the recipient.

That doesn't mean there isn't a place for this type of marketing. It's just a different approach. Typically best served for LARGE sends to LARGE lists.

Now while this example has more personal copy.

It still is formatted in a way that you don't see in an email one person sends to another.

And the sent via Hubspot information highlighted in the arrow tells us why.

How is it used?

Used in marketing funnels that you have driven traffic to opt-in for. Broadcast emails to your subscribed list. One-to-many email nurture and automation.

What can it do?

Deliver very large volume of email messages.

If you have the list and opt-ins, there isn’t much of a limit to how many emails you can send.

What is it good for?

One-to-Many messaging (Thousands or Tens of Thousands of recipients).

Newsletters, large-scale promotions, mass list marketing, mass list engagement.

What isn’t it right for?

Cold Email. Sales Development campaigns. Prospect Relationship Building. Personal email. High-response. High-deliverability.

They just weren’t built for the same thing. They were built to send tons of emails out to giant lists and segment people based on actions taken on websites.

They’re complicated because they have to be.

And because they’re big, they need to be hosted on their own servers...which means that ALL of their users are sending email from the same place...and that makes email service providers like Gmail freak out.

Connect 365

What’s the elevator pitch?

Connect 365 uses your personal (or professional) Gmail or Outlook account to send emails. It’s integrated directly to send from your email account.

And we deliberately kept it SUPER lightweight, so it’s not complicated to learn.

It’s built purely to send, schedule, and track personalized emails and series of email campaigns. And because it’s delivered just like a manual email as far as the email providers are concerned (but sent at scale), you have a higher likelihood of getting your message seen in the first place.

That’s it. Simple, elegant, and easy to use.

Now imagine a series of follow-up messages going out to your recipients that look and feel just like the above.

That's what Connect 365 can do for you.

How is it used?

For any email messaging that could benefit by a more personal look, feel and delivery. Intended for scale, but smaller sends than a mass marketing automation tool like the options listed above. (there are daily email limits that a Gmail/Gsuite/Outlook account can send.)

It can be used for campaigns that are targeting colder prospects, warm leads, previous contacts, clients, affiliate partners, and many more.

What can it do?

Our users have utilized our templates and created their own campaigns to help them:

Get more leads.Get more clients. Automate their marketing. Put in place an automated sales follow-up process.Automate your long-term drip marketing And there are all sorts of other use cases that we will be sharing with you.How to get more JV partners.How to use Connect 365 for influencer marketing, which is basically about getting people who are big names in your industry to talk about you. How to get guest posts. How to get on podcasts. For career-minded professionals, how to stay in touch with your network in a personal way, so you can effectively leverage these contacts when the time comes. How to get more upsells from your existing customers. How to use Connect 365 for accounts receivables, billing and collections. So if somebody owes you money, you don’t have to think about following up with them. You can just automate it and have a sequence of emails go out over the next couple of weeks, couple of months, or however you want to do it. You don’t have to worry about when to send them, you just drop them into the sequence. And the emails come across as personal like you are one-on-one writing them. So, people respond and take action on them. How to get more people to show up for your webinars. How to book more speaking gigs.And a whole lot more!

What is it good for?

It’s perfect for campaigns that make the recipients feel like it’s a one-to-one outreach.

Even though you are able to message hundreds of contacts at once.

It’s perfect for nurturing leads and opportunities into appointments and clients.

What isn’t it right for?

Newsletters, large-scale promotions, mass list marketing, mass list engagement. Impersonal list broadcasts.

How can I get started?

Visit us at to set up a trial and get started today!

Linkedin Cold Message Examples That Get Replied To | Connect 365

Know you should be on LinkedIn but still ignore it? Are at least not as much as you feel you “should” be?

LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool and is considered the largest professional network on the Internet.

LinkedIn will connect you to people both in and out of your industry.  

LinkedIn will reach leads, prospects, and potential customers.

LinkedIn helps you get client referrals and testimonials.

LinkedIn can find jobs, enhance skills, build relationships and do just about anything else you can fathom.  

You can access LinkedIn from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

It’s accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

There’s no excuse as to why you’re not using LinkedIn to its fullest potential, especially when it comes to reaching cold prospects - except that stuff comes up, and people are busy.This article will help. We’ll cut to the chase and give you some templates that you can tweak for your business to easily reach out to potential prospects and start conversations with them on LinkedIn. First, What Not To Do For the love of everything please do not send messages like this…

Hi Ben, We are providing competitive and professional services in the following fields: 

Offshore formations Assistance with opening of bank accounts (over 30 Bank in our list) Tax consulting and optimization Money transfer consulting Licensing for forex brokerages, money processing business and gambling industry Consulting on forex business and different technical solutions for forex business such as liquidity aggregation, PAMM, bridges to LP and e.t.c. Marketing and lead generation as well as SEO and call centres outsourcing IT outsourcing Establishment of representative offices and assistance with the business development in Asian region (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam and China) Please let me know if you could be interested in our services. 

For more information, please visit our web page: XXXXXXX or contact us via mail: XXXXXX

It’s impersonal, salesy, and is only focused on you. 

Nothing about benefit. 

Nothing about how you’ll make their life easier. 

Nothing about why they should care. 

So they won't. 

They’ll hit delete and move on with their day. 

Ok here’s what does work. 

Want a better system for getting leads and clients with email? 

Sign up for my upcoming workshop that goes step by step through our lead generation process that has been so successful in our clients’ businesses -- the L.E.A.D. Blueprint.  Sign Up Here Free!

LinkedIn Cold Message Examples That Work 

Here are a few quick and simple cold message examples to help you get your foot in the LinkedIn door.

LinkedIn Cold Message Example #1 – Flattery Will Get You Everywhere   

People want to be noticed on social media and what better way than to notice them. This applies to personal social media accounts as well as business networking platforms, like LinkedIn.

“Hi Jacob. I read your recent blog post and I was impressed. I’d love to connect to find out more.”

If you’re not already connected with someone, you’ll first have to send a connection request. The kind of connection request above is perfect to show people that you appreciate their work. It shows interest on your part - not just that you want to sell.

You’re asking someone to talk more about themselves and show you their hard-earned work and you’re praising them in the process. A response is definitely on its way.

LinkedIn Cold Message Example #2 – Reference A Shared Connection

As they say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Use the power of your connections to grow the network even more.

“Hey John. Just noticed that we have a mutual connection in Matthew. I love what you’re doing at XYZ Company and would love to connect.”

Notice that with this template, you’re not 100% betting on their relationship with Matthew for an “in”, you’re using the same strategy as example #1 to show that you’ve seen their stuff and that you’re not copying and pasting the same message to 50 other people.

LinkedIn Cold Message Example #3 – Stroke the Ego

With social media, there’s an internal competition that exists to have the most likes, connections or whatever term may apply and to be ranked as high as possible. This example appeals to those who want to increase their status even more.

“Hey John, I noticed your profile was at the top of search results for our industry. I would love to talk more with an expert in the field and get some solid advice.”

Riding on #1 again, this example is offering praise - and showing that you’ve done some research. Be sure to follow through and ask some questions if you use this. It would be off-putting if they respond and you jump into a sales pitch. Remember that trust is earned. Show your worth, show interest, find out about them, and be helpful.

LinkedIn Cold Message Example #4 – Provide Value

You don’t want to always be perceived as the needy connection and should always have something of value to offer. Create a symbiotic relationship not a parasitic one - these conversations get ignored or deleted.

Hi Tanya,

I hope everything is going well for you. I came across an article that I think you’ll really like. It talks about some of the cutting-edge automation opportunities manufacturers like you are using today.

Here’s the link to check it out - >>LINK<<

There is a ton of great info in this post and I particularly found the adoption metrics across the industry eye-opening. 

Enjoy the read!


This template is a nice “soft push” for something that might be of value to THEM, while at the same time showing goodwill and an interest in what they think.

LinkedIn Cold Message Example #5 – Use Networking As Your In

People don’t like being sold to. But they do like to chat. 

One way to get them to take down their guard is to position your request as a networking call. Once on that call ask them what they are trying to get better at in their business and pivot the conversation about how you would love to help. 

Hi Bob,

I hope this message finds you and your business doing well.

One of the things I love about LinkedIn, in particular, is the ability to easily meet and connect with interesting people to share connections or ideas. With that in mind, I thought this might be an appropriate time to learn a little more about each other and our mutual businesses.

Would you have time for a brief phone call next week? How about Wednesday, June 5 between 2-4 pm?

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!



Be sure to ask them about their business BEFORE talking about your own. 

You are not tricking them into a sales call. You are getting them on a networking call with the goal of transitioning it to a sales conversation. 

Remember, this is your first outreach message to them. Don’t ask them to stay the night immediately. 

Build the relationship. Gain their trust. And they will be significantly more likely to work  with you. 

LinkedIn Cold Message Example #6 – Re-Engage Existing Connections

This is a great cold message to use to get to know people you are connected to on LinkedIn but you don’t have a real relationship with. You can then parlay this tactic into the shared connection/referral play.

Hey Bob,

We’ve connected here on LinkedIn for a while but don’t really know each other. As much as I love all this social media stuff I actually like to get to know my connections.

Would you be open to a call or maybe grabbing a coffee sometime soon? Just to get to know about each other’s businesses and see how we might be able to help each other.



You can use these people as referrals for prospects you are not connected to but they are

Does Cold Outreach on LinkedIn Work?

The answer is a resounding yes. 

This is a strategy that hundreds of businesses have used to connect with targeted prospects and start real conversations with them. 

Will you get a response from everyone? No. No one has a 100% response rate. However, you can expect plenty of people to answer, especially with consistency and if you’re adding value in the way that we’ve shown above.

Want to learn how to tap into LinkedIn’s goldmine of high-quality prospects and automate the process to turn them into qualified sales appointments? Sign up for my upcoming free online training here. 

Top LinkedIn Cold Message Best Practices To Follow

Before getting started with cold messaging, you need to make sure the foundation is established. Investing the time in the beginning will lead to better results later. Here are a few things to do to make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized to its fullest before you even begin.

Make a good first impression. Just like in life, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression so put some thought into choosing the perfect profile picture. Then, use all the LinkedIn real estate provided. Make the most of the background picture to create an inviting environment to connect with.Choose Your Words Wisely. Your tagline and summary should be engaging and captivating. It should pull the audience in and tell a story. You want to give someone a reason to find out more about you and want to connect.Recommendations and Endorsements. It’s not what you know but who you know. This can not be reiterated enough. Make sure you harness the power of your existing connects to endorse you and give others a reason to connect with you.Provide Engaging Content. Give people a reason to keep coming back for more. Keep your posts fresh and interesting and post regularly to keep your network engaged.

Remember to create a solid foundation in which to direct your cold mail and build up from there.

How to Follow Up After LinkedIn Cold Messages

The first thing to remember is that people are busier than ever.

If you don’t get a response to your cold LinkedIn outreach immediately, that doesn’t mean it’s a no.

It simply means that your lead was busy or wasn’t immediately interested and needs a gentle reminder and some follow up.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you don’t need a lengthy campaign created by your marketing department.

It just takes a few simple words to stay in touch.

Here are a few examples of follow ups that can occur every few days up to a few weeks after initial contact. If it’s been a while, you can always add them back into your cold prospect list and try again.

Try this out...

Just thought I'd check back in to see if you were interested in jumping on a quick call.

My company helps executives stay healthy from the debilitating effects of frequent travel. I’d love to share some of the tips and tricks we’ve used to help others start feeling like themselves again.

Would you be available to talk next week? Please let me know if the morning of Tuesday, April 8th would work for you. If that's not possible, let's open up some dialogue over email.



You can follow-up via both LinkedIn messaging, LinkedIn InMail, and even email. We have resources you can use that will teach you to extract your prospect’s emails from LinkedIn so that you can build follow-up email sequences, and stay top of mind with both email and LinkedIn messaging.

Want to learn how to tap into LinkedIn’s goldmine of high-quality prospects and automate the process to turn them into qualified sales appointments? Sign up for my upcoming free online training here. 

LinkedIn Cold Message Support

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that connects you to hundreds of millions of connections and that number continues to grow each day.

If you don’t have a dedicated marketing department devoted to focusing on creating LinkedIn cold messaging, you probably don’t have a lot of bandwidth to do it yourself. That is where Connect 365 can help.

Creating the right mix of cold messaging and follow up takes dedication. But, it’s an important process and vital to the growth of any business. You need leads, warm and cold prospects and customers to survive.

Let Connect 365 do the hard part for you. This is what we love to do! We have worked hard to perfect our system, so you don’t have to. We’ve already created all of the templates for you and can help you put everything on autopilot so you can focus on growing your business. From email automation to lead management to social media automation, our focus is to help you achieve your goals, build relationships and create lifelong customers. 

Request a free trial here, where you’ll get access to these time-saving proven templates along with training and much more.

Want a better system for getting leads and clients with email? 

Sign up for my upcoming workshop that goes step by step through our lead generation process that has been so successful in our clients’ businesses -- the L.E.A.D. Blueprint.  Sign Up Here Free!

Want to be a good friend? 

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Plus Other Content that is Exclusive to Members Only

This library is updated in real-time. As we develop new strategies, techniques, and systems, we’ll upload them into the library for you to access. Exclusive to Connect 365 members.

We could EASILY charge $1,500 dollars for this library of systems. But as a Connect 365 member, you get it at no cost.

Why? Well, in full transparency, my team and I understand that the more success that you have, the longer you’ll use Connect 365. That means that the leads, sales, and clients you get will have a direct impact on how long we work together. It’s a win-win.

And we’d love a testimonial as well if you'd be willing ;)


One of the best investments for my business ever. wasted a couple hours this weekend sending emails manually.

-Sean Cavanaugh


After taking that 24 hr break, then sending 100, then 160, I’m now ramping up my sending to around 250 per day. The software is working great! I’m loving it!

-sue friedland


Here’s a recap of everything you stand

to gain from Getting started today:

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    A Full License to the Connect 365 Email Software ($400/month Value)
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The Training Library Currently Includes:

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    How to Launch A 7-Figure Product With Our Connect 365 Software & Systems
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    The Social Media Email Boomerang Plan
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    The LinkedSelling Automated Sales Follow Up Sequence
  • circle
    Advanced Script Writing Techniques & Best Practices
  • circle
    How to Leverage Connect 365 to Build Media Relationships For PR Opportunities
  • circle
    How to Quickly Build a List of Hundreds of your Top Prospects
  • circle
    Developing Your Warm Email Promotional Calendar
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    Plus Other Content that is Exclusive to Members Only

The Total Value of Everything For The First Month Alone Comes Out to $11,395.

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Q: How is this different than [Infusionsoft/Mailchimp/AWeber]?

Q: Can I Use This Even Though My Business Email is Not Set Up Through GMail?

Q: What are all of the uses of Connect 365?

Q: How Many Emails Can I Send From Connect 365 Every Day?

Q: What If I Don’t Have A List of Prospects?

Q: How Do I Know This WIll Work For My Market?

Q: This Sounds Too Simple. Am I Missing Something?

Here's what access to Connect 365 means...

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    You'll discover exactly how to write emails that get DELIVERED, get noticed, and get read.
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    You won't need any other special tools...just use this software and you'll never need anything else.
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    You’ll have an AUTOMATED system for reaching out to thousands of qualified prospects, to generate a flood of new leads and clients….using our proprietary “Warm Email” technology.
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    You'll skip over all the repetitive tasks and tracking of where prospects are in your pipeline, simply by using the software.
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    You'll know exactly who to contact, when to follow up, and how your previous emails have been received.
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    You’ll stop missing out on sales opportunities, by having world-class follow up processes in place. When they’re’ll be the one they think of. All automated!
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    You'll save thousands of dollars on expensive paid traffic and completely avoid the complicated, painful sales funnels all the "gurus" are talking about… with better results, too!

To your prosperity,

P.S. - Every single minute you spend on "Shiny Objects" or some complicated sales funnel that won't work is another client who's getting scooped up by someone else.

Act now before charter member enrollment is over.

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