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This breakthrough service allows small businesses to have their own expert marketing team… and it’s shockingly affordable...

Use it to build brand awareness, boost your authority, and drive more sales every month… in a way that’s almost entirely “hands off.”

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When you join the Your Marketing Team Program, you’ll get…

  • 30 custom social media posts (written by our team of US-based writers) each month. So you can grow your credibility and attract top prospects consistently. [$999 Value]
  • Automated daily posting to your chosen social media accounts, which will build brand awareness and maximize engagement. [$400 Value]
  • One personalized blog post every month to demonstrate your expertise to prospects… and position yourself as the #1 authority in your market. [$2,000 Value]
  • An onboarding call with a Your Marketing Team expert to discuss your unique business goals… and set you up for success quickly. [$697 Value]
  • White glove creation of your personal content strategy, based on our proprietary “PS30x” formula. (This is the KEY that makes your prospects see YOUR business as the obvious solution to their problems.) [$5,000 Value]
  • Bonus #1: A full archive of your custom social media posts, so you can easily repurpose them for your other marketing efforts. [$200 Value]
  • Bonus #2: Access to “The 5X Followers Formula,” which you can use to launch a simple, proven Facebook campaign -- and instantly grow your following to over 10,000 prospects. [$897 Value]
  • Bonus #3: The “Optimize and Grow Your Social Media Pages” Training, which will show you how to grow your organic social media following consistently. (And create high-end sales opportunities, month after month.) [$1,000 Value]
  • Bonus #4: The “How to Measure and Generate ROI from Organic Social Media” Training. In this expert training, you’ll discover how to identify who your perfect prospects are… and where to find them online. [$2,000 Value]
  • Bonus #5: The “How to Add Hundreds of Top Prospects on LinkedIn in 7 Days or Less” Training. You’ll learn how to grow your LinkedIn following rapidly… whether you already have an audience or you're starting from scratch. [$897 Value]

Total Over $14,000 Worth of Value!

Here’s a Look Inside the Your Marketing Team Program…

The Perfect Prospect Codebook

Done-for-You Social Media Content & Automated Posting

When you join the Your Marketing Team program, you’ll get 30 tailor-made social media posts every month. These posts are carefully crafted by my team of US-based writers, and they’re designed to educate and engage your ideal prospects. So you can build trust with them consistently, grow your authority in their eyes… and nurture them into high-value leads and clients.

Not only that, but our revolutionary software will also post that content to your chosen social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, and / or Twitter), at whatever timing and cadence you’d like. That way, you can stay top-of-mind with your perfect prospects and maximize brand awareness -- while barely lifting a finger.

^^ Here’s how this hands-off social media marketing system works.

The Emphatic Method

Custom, Authority-Building Blog Posts

Every single month, our team of US-based writers will create a custom blog post for you, using our proprietary ‘PS30X’ formula. This formula is a real game-changer, because it’s designed to make it crystal clear to your ideal prospects that YOU are the no-brainer solution to their problem(s). Which -- as you can imagine -- makes it so much easier to win their trust and turn them into high-paying clients.

All you have to do is define your audience and the topics / content that they're interested in. From there, our dedicated writers will craft a highly-engaging, personalized, 750-1000 word blog post for you each month… which includes unlimited revisions and creative control. So you can be sure it looks and sounds exactly as if you wrote it yourself.

Here’s how our proprietary PS30X formula works:

Strategy & Support

Once you become a Your Marketing Team client, you’ll have an onboarding call with a marketing expert (from our personal team) to discuss your unique business goals… and help you hit the ground running.

Our “white glove” coaching team and support staff will be with you every step of the way. Because we want to help you move the needle for your business FAST. So we’ll be there to promptly answer any questions you have about marketing or business strategy… and any technical queries about how the program works, too.

The bottom line? You’ll have all the expert guidance you need to start driving real results for your business right away.

Bonus #1: Complete Archive of Content for Reposting

You’ll get no-charge access to an archive of all the content we write for you. Which means you can easily repurpose it for other social media posts, your newsletter, or Facebook / LinkedIn group updates. (Plus, any other marketing initiatives that you run in future.)

Bonus #2: The 5X Followers Formula

Want to grow your audience to over 10,000 prospects… and build your credibility with them almost instantly?

This training reveals how you can launch a simple, proven Facebook campaign that will allow you to do exactly that. And the best part? It’s both cost effective AND time efficient.

Bonus #3: The “Optimize and Grow Your Social Media Pages” Training

In this exclusive training, you’ll learn how to optimize your social media pages and grow your following organically. (And consistently!)

That way, you can attract top prospects, and get more sales opportunities, month after month.

Bonus #4: The “How to Measure and Generate ROI from Organic Social Media” Training

This expert training gives you our proprietary process for finding out who the ideal prospects for your business are. More than that, you’ll also learn how (and where) to locate those prospects online…

So you won’t need to worry about attracting wrong-fit clients (who you don’t enjoy working with) ever again.

Bonus #5: The “How to Add Hundreds of Top Prospects on LinkedIn in 7 Days or Less” Training

In this training, you’ll discover how to build a LinkedIn following (that’s jam-packed with your best prospects) QUICKLY… even if you're starting from scratch.

Plus -- if you already have a decent LinkedIn follower base --  you’ll learn how to leverage that audience to create a MUCH larger connection pool rapidly, too.